Dessert and Alchohol!

In one fell swoop. This is, in fact, so good that The Roomie took one sip and said “you have to blog this”. Of course, this makes sense, given that it was inspired by telling me just how much she loves the mocha at my favorite coffee shop.


This, by the way, is The Roomie’s hand. She wanted to be a hand model
when she was little. Feel free to encourage her to pursue this dream.


Anyway, the drink is a modification on Kahlua and Cream. Personally, I think that it would taste better with milk, but we only had cream in the house (yes, yes, I’m going shopping tomorrow. Promise, internet world.)

So, take (per person) 1 shot of milk/ cream/ something in between, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla, 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of sugar, and put them in a glass or other mixing container. Like so:


This may or may not be my way to practice photography.


Surely after seeing these pictures you want me to practice, no?

Anyway, blogs are all about self indulgence. Ahem! Now, you want to mix these fine ingredients together as well as you can, then heat them over a low flame until dissolved. Warm isn’t actually so necessary, as I prefer the drink over ice. However, if you really want a mocha, try it warm… and let me know how it turns out. Take the pot off the stove (IMPORTANT: DO NOT HEAT ALCOHOL! Umm, unless nonalcoholic is what you’re going for. or fire if you spill. ) If you’re really patient, you could wait for it to cool on its’ own… but if you’re not, keep it in the freezer while you add ice, a shot of kahlua, and an (optional) capful of spiced rum to each glass. Pour in cream, mix, and enjoy



Then enjoy taking pictures of your drunk but lovely drinking buddy.

Have a good weekend!


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