Foods that Blow My Mind

I’m not dead, just in the middle of exams and not doing much cooking. But while my mind is being blown by a fabulous lunch that my wonderful roomie cooked me, I’m going to make a list of 5 foods that have surprised and delighted me recently. Feel free to chime in with your own.

1. Twice baked potatoes– made with cream cheese! (whoever heard of that?! but it’s amazing), cheddar, spinach, and onions.

2. Homemade tzatziki sauce– amazing, and great to pack w/ veggies for lunch.

3. Pad Woon Sen Jae– I love this, and get it every time I go out for Thai food. If only I weren’t too intimidated to try cooking Asian foods other than stir fries at home.

4. Homemade chai– so different from the guilty-pleasure Starbucks variety, and yet deliciously creamy and spicy nonetheless.

5. Natural honey peanut butter with multi-grain crackers– Oddly, this is nowhere near as good on white flour crackers. A good midterms food for obvious reasons, but as I don’t normally like peanut butter or anything with peanuts, I have to thank my friend Jess, who knows to gift me with food.



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4 responses to “Foods that Blow My Mind

  1. Joe

    I’m with you on #1 and #5 – We like plain baked taters’, but twice baked with those ingredients are fantastic! I make my own peanut butter and often add honey to it when I’m having it on an English muffin or with crackers!

  2. Do you have a good recipe for tzatziki? I’d love to make some!

  3. I do indeed, Amanda (the Roomie) is planning to guest blog soon on spanakopita and tzatziki. I’ll comment on your blog when it gets up.

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