Back! With Pictures!

My boyfriend loves me. You know how I know? Because he cooks for me when he comes to visit.

This is what he made me in the morning before my giant important job interview:


It’s probably self-explanatory, as is the romantic dinner he made for the roomie and I his first night here (well, also I don’t know what he used to marinate the steak):


However, I didn’t neglect him, I did my part in the sides, and all in all the meal was amazingly tasty. Also, this picture gives you a good idea of the size of the apartment we shared. Thank goodness the roomie is a good sport.


The spinach: sauteed with olive oil, garlic, and red pepper. Feta added after, when it had cooled slightly.

The potatoes: roasted with olive oil (drizzled), salt, pepper, and fresh rosemary at 375 until crispy (30 minutes?)

More complicated recipes to follow 🙂 promise.



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2 responses to “Back! With Pictures!

  1. Oh my God! How cute is that?

    I am really enjoying your site….thanks for checking mine out…I will be coming back here often!

  2. Love the first pic! Such a thoughtful and silly boyfriend you’ve got.

    To answer your question, I use an Oxo julienne peeler doohickey to get the carrots that thin.

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