Mmm. End ‘o Root Vegetables



Spring seems to have finally decided to stick around for a while… and while I’m happy about this for many reasons, I’m sad for many more. The loss of root vegetables (the last of which were roasted for the above salad), the loss of the lettuce lady at the farmer’s market close to me (she’ll be back next winter), the loss of the “milk man” from Blue Highland Dairy (never to return– a tragic barrier to the eat local challenge I’m starting as soon as I return from vacation in June, and also a sad story– such a nice man, always a smile– but the farm’s closing down and the cows are being sold), and… my roomie moved out! (ok, that’s half hapy and half sad– she’s living in an apartment one floor down, so no shoes and no jackets are required to see her, she’s over for dinner all the time, and i get my 220ft studio back to myself again.)


Speaking of my 22o’ studio, this is how big my kitchen is. I took it standing in my doorway, and the fridge literally touches the bathroom doorway. Should give you an idea of scale.




Yup, it is true that from my doorway, you’re so close to my stove that you can’t actually get all of it in pic. In addition, that counter space? That’s it. Normally you can’t even see it cause it’s covered by my drainboard. Sad! I thought they didn’t get any smaller than that… but the Roomie’s kitchen is even smaller! Perhaps I’ll have her guest-blog w/ a pic tonight cause it’s her night to cook.

For the salad (to serve 2): roast 1 cup each beet, parsnip, and carrot in matchstick form with a little olive oil and salt at 375 until limp and slightly brown, about 30 minutes. Toss with 4 cups of lettuce (spinach or arugula would be nice, but I had butterhead and it was lovely) and a dressing of your choice (I used buttermilk-horseradish). If you want to make it a bit heartier, feel free to add a nice sharp cheese- I believe I added feta after the picture was taken.

Enjoy your antioxidants, and enjoy the rest of the blogosphere’s inspiring ARF-rich creations over at Sweetnicks.


Also, a few of you may have noticed that I’ve been tagged with a Thinking Blogger award. I’m getting to properly writing about that (oh, and, I don’t know, writing about food again?)– but things are chaotic and tumultuous around here. Mostly in a good way, not to worry, but the times– they are a changin’. More soon.




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4 responses to “Mmm. End ‘o Root Vegetables

  1. Wow! That is a very small kichen! You spend a lot of time in there for how little it is hehe

  2. i’ll have to upload pics of my former studio apt. kitchen.

    my fridge was in the living room, because it didn’t fit in the kitchen. i win

    also, if that iced coffee from cosi?

    i miss that place so much.

  3. yup, from cosi. i love cosi so much! especially the s’mores. and the BLMs. and the mint hot chocolate… ahhh, cosi. the best thing about moving back from dc šŸ™‚
    and yes, please post pics!

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