Menu Planning in November

Nancy Zimmerman is hosting a “Eating at Home, the Month of November” challenge that I am participating in. While I value, at 22, my ability to go out with friends at the last minute and my flexibility in only cooking for two people on a regular basis, we have certainly gotten into a slump in which, when I don’t feel like cooking… in comes takeout. Therefore, although in my interpretation of the challenge I can go out for social occasions, rearrange meals to meet my mood that night, and go out for mystery shops… I am indeed menu planing for the month of November, and happy to share in this space. Who knows, maybe I’ll get crazy and throw in a recipe and picture or two while I’m at it. Anyway, I’m sure this disqualifies me from the prizes, but it’s good for my budget and my health, so count me in.

For this week:

Breakfast: Leftover Halloween Candy
Lunch: Pasta w/ Spinach and Artichokes
Dinner: Celebration dinner out (the beau’s football team won their first championship game)

Breakfast: Leftover dessert
Lunch: Networking lunch out
Dinner: Risotto, Brussel Sprouts, bread with spinach/artichoke spread

Breakfast: Latte at Dunk’n Donuts (mystery shop)
Lunch: Leftover dinner
Dinner: Birthday Party (making cake and cookies)

Breakfast: Leftover scavenge
Lunch: Chilis mystery shop
Dinner: Roast chicken and veggies (inc. potato)

Breakfast: 2 apples
Lunch: Leftover veggies
Dinner: Chicken pot pie

Breakfast: 2 apples
Lunch: Leftover pot pie
Dinner: baked veggies, and tater tots, steak for the beau

Breakfast: 2 apples
Lunch: Freezer onion soup
Dinner: fettucine carbonara


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  1. lol – love your leftover halloween candy bfast!

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