November Meal Planning- 3

I meal plan this week with a heavy heart. I long to try two restaurants, each within stretching distance of my apartment, and yet I feel like I should not. The first, Aioli Gourmet, is new and looks great, and I’m eager to support healthy-ish, cheap-ish, fast-ish food nearby. (It’s surrounded by terrible quality fast food “cafes” and expensive but yummy-looking classy restaurants.) I also want to try Al Tiramisu, which despite not being prohibitively expensive, though it is a little spendy, makes it onto several top-ten lists… and would be great inspiration for the Tiramisu I plan to make if I do a post-Thanksgiving dessert/ belated housewarming party. Alas! Neither of them will quite do for the brunch out I have planned.

I have to admit that my meals have gone downhill in nutritional quality since the boy moved in. Between the fact that I’m much more likely to have a full dinner, rather than grab something quick, while he’s here, my love for spoiling him, the increase in the amount of time I spend at home, and the fact that there is a Long, Long list of vegetables and healthy foods that he will not eat… well, it’s been hard to control my weight. Adding a recent back injury to the list would have been a recipe for disaster, if it were not for the fact that the boy’s eating and exercise habits have caught up to him, and he hasn’t been feeling quite right. I have therefore grudgingly been encouraged to make more “girl foods.”

This, of course, was cause for great (albeit quiet) celebration, and then… a resounding “uh-oh”– because, of course, while I have turned him on to, among other things, whole wheat pasta and brussel sprouts, being responsible for a veggie-phobe’s transition from fast-food and processed convenience meals to, well, girl-food is a big responsibility… and I feel like I need to tread carefully or risk further abhorrence of my dear favorites: beets, squash, broccoli… Really, I’m not quite sure how to do this. If it were summer, it would be so much easier, but historically he hates most fall vegetables. Of course, I’m reading My Husband Hates Veggies faithfully, but generally I’m going to try to ease in slowly and always have tomato soup and grilled cheese around as a backup.

*as usual, breakfast is fruit and lunch is leftovers, unless otherwise mentioned

pasta with tomato-butter sauce (reduced-butter, but still some. recipe earlier on the blog somewhere).
dessert: pear with honey-pecan goat cheese. yum! (does anyone have suggestions on how else to use this?)

11/16 bean soup w/ horseradish-mozzarella sandwiches (ok, I know I’m crazy… but I really like them, and it’s hard to find other veggie uses for my yummy farmers market horseradish)

Brunch: Out, pre-emt training. Where? Good question.
Dinner: quinoa risotto (carmelized onion/ butternut squash, methinks) with garlic-string beans

Brunch: Farmers market– fruit, pancakes or eggs, bacon
Dinner: Out with friends at Burma

Roasted chicken and veggies, potato au low-fat gratin (shh!)

Butternut squash soup (wish me luck, tomato soup is backup), salad. Hopefully I’ll find something else that’s creative to do with the mozzarella here. Mini sandwiches? Stay posted.

Spinach-chicken tacos. Use up remaining mozzarella.


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