Love, Sex, & Food

The boy and I had a yummy and romantic dinner last night at Al Tiramisu (yes, I admit it. Didn’t stick to the plan), which got me thinking about my two favorite topics- sex and food. While I love veggies, and cucumbers may well be nature’s answer to the enviromentally friendly sex toy problem, most vegetables don’t strike me as being particularly aphrodisiac. Neither, to be truthful, do oysters and other bivalves. I’m just not a fish or a slime person.


Now, it’s not Valentines Day yet, but there are plenty of occasions that justify a special, home-cooked romantic meal, especially during the holiday season. There are several guidelines that I follow when I try to plan one.

A meal that is too heavy makes me want to curl up and sleep, preferably without cuddles. Nope, that’s out. On the other hand, I like to serve several courses, light ones, because experimenting can be playful and fun, and stretch the evening out. I like to make one dish that I know is one of the boy’s favorites, so he feels cared for, and something that requires very little last-minute prep work, so I can relax with him and a glass of wine to set the mood.

Speaking of setting the mood, if I had two sets of china, this would be the time I would use it. The two of you are just as important as any company you could have, and it makes the meal look better; after all, food and sex are both supposed to stimulate all the senses. Other touches– flowers, candles, and music, are all optional for me. Sometimes they feel too stiff and formal, and get in my way. I do, however, like the TV to be switched very firmly in the off position.

My list of suggested foods includes:

  • Soup (it invites sipping and savoring, and can be very light)
  • Asparagus or artichoke (light, but elegant)
  • Pasta strands- the slurping can be very sensual, but I find that adding red meat makes the meal too heavy– one but not both works better for me. Shrimp and chicken are better.
  • Something involving a dip– playing with your food can be fun.
  • Something sour to help cut the richness of many favorite foods.
  • White wine (red wine makes me sleepy, and can give me headaches)
  • Something rich but small, preferably with chocolate.

What do you like to make for special dinners?



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2 responses to “Love, Sex, & Food

  1. hmmm.. so many options!

    But our last romantic meal was a last minute picnic. Double brie, spicy salami, crusty bread, white wine and cherries.
    I like simple.

    When we have the time and inclination though, garlic prawns are simple and good. Anything with cheese is fun, and I agree about the asparagus and the dips.

    For dessert, you can’t go past an icecream sandwich (grill some sponge cake slices, and top with icecream.
    Or chocolate custard and strawberries. Glamorously served in martini glasses of course.

  2. Mmm… that does sound good. I haven’t had cherries in about a year, and I’m going to have to go see if I can find some off-season ones. (The horror! But the craving is there now.)

    Have you shared your recipe for garlic prawns anywhere?

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