Meal Planning Wrapup

This is just a temporary guess, as it’s hard for me to plan so far ahead without knowing what the farmers market haul will consist of… but I’m optimistic.

11/22 Thanksgiving meal at my ‘rents (though I will make something festive, I don’t know what, for the boy since he’s staying behind.)

11/23 Probably still in NY

11/24 Out, at Aioli(?)

brunch: whatever the farmers market drags in (likely eggs, bacon, and toast)
dinner: roasted chicken
apple-onion-cheddar tart, salad

reduced fat broccoli-cheddar soup (wish me luck), some sort of potato or bread side

reduced fat beef stroganoff

Moussaka? Yeah, wish me luck on that one. Alternate, tomato-butter-onion pasta… mmm, pasta.

Matzo ball soup


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One response to “Meal Planning Wrapup

  1. Tanya – wow – you are rocking this menu-planning month! I fell off the wagon dreadfully, twice, but am back on the plan for the third time. You are definitely in the running for the $25! How did the squash soup turn out last week?

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