Pull-Apart Herb Garlic Bread

Way back when, on the day in which I first started reading food blogs, I stumbled upon Tanna’s blog, My Kitchen in Half Cups. And on that same day, I drooled over her herb garlic bread and bookmarked it, intending to try it that very night. 14 months later, I finally got to it, and there was much rejoicing (and maybe a wee bit of kicking myself for not trying it earlier.


Now, please don’t let my bad picture talk you out of making this. Tanna’s pictures are far more accurate, and mine were taken on a cell phone in bad light. It does, indeed, make several gorgeous loaves of bread, perfect for company or run-by grabbing, and doesn’t need butter or toppings to enhance it while snacking (though let me be the first to say that it is *fabulous* with goat cheese). Tanna says that when she makes it, it makes 1 standard loaf pan plus one mini loaf pan. As you might be able to see, I filled my standard and mini and had some left over, so I baked the rest in a mini cake pan. Worked out just fine. The only other change I made was to let the dough rise in an oven that I heated to 200 for 90 seconds and then turned off. This alteration probably made us miss out on a little flavor, but it allowed the bread to hit the table in time for dinner.

A word to the wise: if you’re going to make this, and you think you won’t eat it all, freeze some as soon as the bread cools. It was perfect the first day, perfect warmed the second day, and not worth bothering with the third… must be the dairy content.

Tanna’s certainly welcome at my parties, whether she’s early, on time, or late, so long as she brings something so yummy. I just proved that *I’m* not prompt either.



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5 responses to “Pull-Apart Herb Garlic Bread

  1. Hi Tanya. You sell Tanna’s recipe very well, I’ll have to check it out! I was a little slow responding to a question you posted on Melbourne Food Tales…I’ve answered it now, but thought I’d give you a quick shout incase you had given up on me! Good luck with the cream.

  2. This sounds so wonderful!! I’m hungry now!

  3. Thanks, I reallllly liked this bread. I encourage you to try it (and to eat a yummy lunch. Mmmm food)

  4. Bread and garlic are my true loves in life. I simply can’t get enough.

  5. Veggielove: Wow! I so glad you enjoyed this one, it has been one of my very favorites for years.
    You left a comment and picked up the remnants of my “old” blog. I can no longer update it there and don’t check back very often. For my current blog check out
    Very much like your site.

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