Daring Bakers- Pictures!

Welcome back and happy new year, all! It’s been a nice long break, and I’m back with pictures! In fact, I was even given enough gift money to buy a decent budget digital camera (yay!), so if you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments. (Looking in the $150 range).

I have no pictures of Portland, but… oh my goodness, foodie haven! And if you ever get a chance to dine at Clyde Common, take it- great food and a good value (if you can, ask for the waitress we had, Joanna. She was fabulous!) In the meantime, here are the pictures of my buche de noel. Stay tuned for more kitchen experiments– I made dumplings!


Marzipan Mushrooms
The Whole Log


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7 responses to “Daring Bakers- Pictures!

  1. sugarplumsweets

    Glad you are back! You log looks very good. I’m sure all of the “Bakers” are proud of you.

  2. Happy New Year, Tanya. Nikon has some Coolpix models
    to choose from in your price range. (No, I don’t rep Nikon, but was happy w/ my first clicker, an L5 @ $250). You can check out Consumer Reports, Amazon customer reviews & newspaper tech writers to help you hone in on the best for your buck. Looking forward to your dumpling post – *love* dumplings.

  3. K

    Oh my goodness. Those mushrooms are amazing! Did you make those yourself? If so: WOW.

    I’m pretty happy with our little $150 digital Canon that we bought from Target, but I honestly can’t remember the model (it’s at home right now…). It’s never going to beat — for me, at least — my old 35 mm Canon Rebel EOS, but I simply can’t afford a digital Rebel anytime soon. 😦

  4. Great pictures, I love the marzipan ‘shrooms!

  5. I got a Canon Elph for Christmas. It’s great- 8 megapixels, very compact with a huge viewer, intuitive to use. I got it mostly for covert photo taking in restaurants and such.

  6. The marzipan mushrooms look really good! They were my favorite part of the Yule Log. 🙂

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