Restaurant Week DC- Ruth’s Chris

Steakhouses aren’t usually my idea of a good time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t love steak dripping in butter, but the quality difference comes nowhere near the quality difference of making it at home. For restaurant week, though, I was willing to compromise a little to give the boy his favorite meal– steak and potatoes– without any dishes, and head out to Ruth’s Chris.

First of all, let me say, that this restaurant is so expensive for what it serves that I don’t think I would ever set foot in it normally– no matter how much money I had. It just isn’t a good value for what you’re getting at full price.  However, it was certainly worth it for restaurant week, even with the very limited menu.

The meal started with pretty good warmed bread and a basic salad. Everything was on the good side of average, with the exception of the “butter”, which, though room temperature, tasted very much like margarine. I wonder what they used.

Then, they brought out our main course– we both ordered the petit fillet, mine rare and the boy’s medium rare. Both came out perfectly cooked in a large pool of butter. Sooo unhealthy, but very tender and fantastic. They came out with a side of creamed spinach and a side of mashed potatoes, both of which were good (and equally unhealthy), but neither of which was as good as the ones I make at home, as we both agreed… and mine don’t even have cream (or usually butter) in them!

Last, we got dessert. I got bread pudding, which was more like a moist apple cake– good, though, and the boy got a flourless chocolate cake, which was just like flourless chocolate cakes everywhere, only with a hint of espresso.

All around, it was a decent value (at restaurant week prices) and the food was fine, but the real high point was the service, making it not worth coming back to again, likely even at restaurant week prices.

On a similar note, I ate a little less than half of each course served, and came out feeling fine, but the boy ate the whole thing (plus a little of my dessert), and threw up on the way home. Don’t know if he was sick or there was something wrong with the food, or if he just ate too much rich stuff… but either way, very sad!

Now, which should I blog about next… dumplings or orange pound cake? Decisions, decisions…


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