Mostly Veg

Fondue, as retro-seventies as it may be, has become a once-a-month staple in our little apartment. Good for guests but also ridiculously easy (and low on dishes), the only downside to this dish is that the kind of cheese you’ll want to use can cost a pretty penny. South Mountain Creamery sent a whole pound of good cheddar– for $5!– last week, though, so we had friends up to share. The fondue was cheddar-beer with a little mustard, but the special part for me is all the fillings…


Pictured: Apple, pear, broccoli, red onion, potato, and red pepper (capsicum), plus surprise favorite: hot dogs. (Like I said, mostly veg).

Not pictured: toasted french bread, garlic.




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2 responses to “Mostly Veg

  1. I love fondue, but I hardly ever have it. I just get so weak in the knees for beer. Isn’t that crazy? It just always sounds so good to cook with.

  2. You read my mind–I’ve been craving fondue ever since that NY Times food section article a few weeks ago, and am scheming to try out that beer and caramelized onion version from their recipes. Yours looks delicious!

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