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Oops! Blogging by Mail!

I know, I know, just as I was getting good about posting regularly, I disappeared. I apologize! The thing is that, well, I’m officially looking for a new job… but I’m still working at my old one. Thinking about moving, too. And– well, I have some exciting news! I’m going to New Orleans next week, and to Sudan for two weeks after that to do some professionally-relevant volunteer work. Plus, a fellowship application came up, and really, I’ve been swamped. I’m so sad that I missed last month’s Daring Bakers challenge, and I’m nervous that I won’t be able to post this month’s on time, as I will be in Sudan. The plan is to make it and write the post tomorrow– and either post it from afar if there’s internet, or have someone post it for me; I hope it works out that way. Either way, I beg your forgiveness for my extended past and coming absence.


I’ll admit it– I haven’t even been cooking, lately. Just throwing things together and ordering takeout. Luckily, Karen of the blog Bucaio took the time to send me an enormous package of Filipino snack foods, just the thing to carry me through a long few weeks. I’m even tempted to say, given the emphasis on dried fruit, that it had some nutrients! Just what the doctor ordered. I’m even more impressed that Karen took the time to put together such a thoughtful package– carefully avoiding the sometimes omnipresent mangoes that I’m sadly allergic to– given that at the time, she was very pregnant with her just-born third child! Congratulations, Karen! (I can only hope that some day when I’m pregnant, I have a millionth the grace she has.)


Now, on to the specific goodies. I haven’t got close-ups of all of them, but these are some of my favorites.



Black-melon seeds. I think this must be very similar to watermelon.


Lots of yummy beverages.


Dried tamarind. I’ve never seen it here, but I’ll be looking for it– delicious and tangy-sweet.


Chocolate churros mix… I haven’t tried it yet, but am excited to. What a special treat!


Pastillas… very sweet milky candies.

And, finally, the piece that will grace my kitchen for years:


How gorgeous is this salad set? Somehow, Karen knew that I’m a sucker for beautiful wood.





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