TVP vs. Tofu Allergies

Someone found my little home on the internet yesterday by searching for whether or not someone who can’t have tofu can eat TVP (textured vegetable protein.) While it’s too late for them to read this, I thought it was it was a question worth answering.

Soy Plant

Some observant readers may remember that I cannot have tofu or soy milk; something about the way the soybean is processed (or the quantities it’s normally eaten in) makes me ill; I suspect an allergy, but I’m not sure. TVP contains soy protein, and can thus cause problems for people who are allergic to the proteins (rather than the processing) of soy. However, it is not only soy protein, and since any people with soy allergy can tolerate small to moderate amounts of soy protein, you may be able to eat TVP without problems. I recommend that you start in very small doses and then increase serving sizes as desired until you know how much you can tolerate.



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7 responses to “TVP vs. Tofu Allergies

  1. Visiting ur blog for the first time…..nice write-ups and nice blog…would love to see u on my blog..

  2. speedmuma

    hi! lovely blog indeed.
    am a vegetarian and having a rough time meeting protein needs for my first pregnancy.
    i stumbled upon this blog through another blog in my quest for healthy protein based recipes.
    Well, I don’t seem to be looking for recipes anymore, just simply enjoying reading blog stories (yours is lovely)

    The reason I leave a comment here, is because I feel the same way about Soy and have been avoiding it during pregnancy as I have read and heard in places that it messes with the bodies natural hormone cycle – def. don’t want that for a baby (have enough hormonal ups and downs naturally). Anyway, last night, I figured just a tiny soy burger won’t do harm as I was lagging on my protein consumption for the day. Well, guess what? Unbearable bloating and frustrating gastro intestinal upheaval…so yes, I am very against SOY as of this morning…from experiencing it first hand..(also, I am positive its the SOY that caused pain as that is the only major new food I have re-introduced)…

  3. It’s nice to hear you post about having problems with soy. I am soy intollerant, which means that my stomach cannot digest soy. It usually doesn’t bother me (thank God) except when soy protein is involved. So both TVP and tofu make me ill (digestively) and I have trouble that people think soy is very healthy and slip it into foods and don’t tell me. Thank you for making more people aware that some of us have trouble with soy.

  4. I was thinking about soy milk after reading the comments and post, and this makes me wonder if the proteins in almond milk are okay.

  5. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Bayonet

  6. Jennette

    Thank you for your posting. I too have an issue eating Tofu, TVP and Soy. This is very annoying for me. Because, i dont know what else eat sometimes, other than various beans. I get bloated alot because of it. I have been a vegetarian for a year. So im very new to the spectrum of food. What to do? Any suggestions?

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