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Daring baking– in fact, baking at all– has drawn the short straw in my life recently. Which is a shame, really, as I realized when I devoted *all day* yesterday to baking (and note now? made it by the deadline for posting. by two minutes. Heck yeah!) It was worth it. Every second of angsting over temperature, waiting for dough to chill, and laughing at a danish braid that exploded like a rib cage opening (looks kind of like a worm, doesn’t it?)… was worth it for the lovely smell as the braid baked and the look of awe on the boy’s face as it came out of the oven.

Kelly of Sass & Veracity and Ben of What’s Cookin’? chose this month’s Daring Bakers’ challenge, and a lovely challenge it was. (Recipe here). I filled it with cream cheese (beaten with egg, sugar, and vanilla) and strawberry slices– just a few, as I was afraid that it would be too soggy. Luckily, a side effect of the long post-filling rise is that the strawberry flavor seeped through everything, and I didn’t need anymore.

One problem, though– the braid got too dark on the bottom before it was dark enough on the top. Anyone out there know what caused that?



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Shhh! Be Very Very Quiet! Daring Baking in progress… stay tuned!

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