Welcome Home! Apple Pie!

September 1st, I moved to New York City. 45 days later, I finally picked up my laptop to blog again. Phew! When I talked about making big life changes, I wasn’t kidding around. In the last 45 days, I’ve moved and started working freelance; great timing, right? Luckily, all’s going well right now, and I’m sloooooooooooowly starting to feel human and like it might concievably be possible to have conversations with people who don’t know me well enough to interpret grunts and mumbles as “I love you, but have no spare energy right now.”

I have been cooking, though. So much cooking, so much baking, and a little exploring random little nearby restaurants thrown in the mix. I also made my first ever beautiful looking apple pie. First. Ever.


My friend Jess gave me crucial tips on how to make the latticework pretty. She divides the dough in half, rolls it out, wraps one half around the rolling pin and then lays the rolling pin on the pie plate, unrolling it until it fits perfectly (look, Ma! No breaking!). Leaving the edges uncut, she rolls the other half into a circle as well, cutting it into ribbons. Because the pieces are then circle shaped, it’s reasonably easy to pick pieces the right length for that section of pie. Weave them in a rough lattice. Then, take a knife and trim all of the extra, leaving about 1.5″ extra around the rim. Roll the extra up, taking care to leave the lattice pieces inside the roll, until the roll is sitting on the rim of the pie plate. Using a fork or fingers, seal the roll together and crimp the edges. Beautiful, that!

I used Martha Stewart’s recipe, souped up with extra spices, and it was delicious. Works for me!



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5 responses to “Welcome Home! Apple Pie!

  1. Behold: It is a beauty!
    I hope you’ll be around more sloooowly! ;0)

  2. Looks scrumptious. I remember the first time I made a pie (cherry) with lattice topping. Somewhat unevenly latticed….

    BTW, what kind of apples? So many to choose from this time of year.

  3. Tanna: Thanks! I’m pretty proud. And I intend to be around more, I think it was really good for me to have a creative outlet. Slow and steady, eh?

    BrooklynBachelor: They were Jonagolds this time, but I’m aiming to try one new kind every week until I can’t find any new kinds to try. Want to join in?

  4. I’m too chaotic for organized sports, but I’ll watch.

  5. that is incredibly gorgeous!

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